How to prepare Yerba Mate traditionally?

This article guides you, as a new Yerba Mate consumer, on how to properly prepare Yerba Mate for the first time!

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Did you know Yerba Mate consist 85 mg of caffeine per cup? Did you know that it's produced from a tree called Ilex paraguariensis? There are many things worth knowing about Yerba Mate in order to understand even better its importance and uniqueness.

What to expect when having the first sip? You can definitely expect an infusion like you have never tried before! With its earthy, grassy, direct-from-nature flavors and aroma, Yerba Mate, with every sip will get you closer to the mother earth.

How to prepare Yerba Mate?

You’ll need: Yerba Mate (Yerba with stems is recommended for beginners); Bombilla; Yerba Mate gourd; lukewarm water and hot water & a thermos.

  1. First, fill the gourd with Yerba Mate 2/3 to 3/4 and move it at 45-degree angle.

  2. Add the lukewarm water closer to the wall of the gourd. Then wait for 1 minute until the Yerba is absorbed.

  3. Repeat the process with hot water (approximately 80 Celsius).

  4. Add the bombilla on the lower side of the Yerba Mate and press until you reach the bottom of the Yerba Mate gourd.

  5. Use the bombilla to create one higher and dry level of your Yerba Mate and one lower that is wet.

  6. Add more hot water to the lower side.

  7. Your Yerba Mate is ready to drink! Enjoy!


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