How to prepare Yerba Mate (traditional way)

Have you ever heard of ''cebador''? That's the person who's leading every Yerba Mate drinking circle. He's the one traditionally breeding the Yerba Mate, and then first tasting it, and passing to the next one in the circle. This is one more way of Yerba Mate proving to us that it's one of the friendliest despite being tastiest, beverage nowadays! 

Yerba Mate preparation

                                                                photo by Przemek Malak

The uniqueness in this beverage is the tradition that it's passed every time someone brews and drinks Yerba Mate, especially when made on its traditional way!

At first, you might think that if brewed in the traditional way you will need extra time or patience, but in the end, you will be rewarded with a delicious and satisfying energy-boosting Yerba Mate. 

What do you need in order to start making the traditional Yerba Mate?

Before we head to the preparation process, don't forget to cure your gourd especially if you have Calabash or wooden Yerba Mate gourd!

How to prepare a traditional Yerba Mate?

  1. The first step is to heat some water 140º-170ºF (60º-77ºC). It is very important not to boil the water, since it can make the taste of your Yerba Mate very bitter, but can also damage to your gourd (Calabash or wooden)
  1. While the water is heating, add the loose-leaf Yerba Mate to your gourd (1/2-2/3 of your gourd)
  1. Cover the top of the Yerba Mate gourd with your palm, and start shaking it. This step is important in order to move the smaller particles to the top, so they don’t clog your bombilla later. After this, try forming a slope or mountain of the loose-leaf Yerba Mate, by tilting your gourd at approximately 45° angle.
  1. In between step (also important): pour some water (room temperature) on the empty side (after you made the mountain from the Yerba Mate), and wait for a few minutes for the leaves to absorb the water, so that they can become more flexible and not dry as they were.
  1. Insert the bombilla, by following the curve of your Yerba Mate gourd and then place it under the Yerba Mate mountain.
  1. Very carefully pour the warm water on the same side where your bombilla is so that the one side gets wet and one side is still dry. This is a must step because, in order for you to not get too much strong Yerba Mate taste, you will have to saturate the loose-leaf Yerba part by part.
  1. The last step is to fully enjoy and let your just brewed Yerba Mate enhance you with its benefits!

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