How to prepare Yerba Mate: Easiest steps ever!

Today's most consumed beverages are: coffee, tea, cola, guarana and the one and only Yerba Mate!

We'll highlight the most unique from this list - Yerba Mate!

''Yer-bah-mah-tay'' is a traditional natural beverage that has a whole history behind it! First consumed by the Ache Guayaki's tribe, today is considered as worldwide used infusion!

yerba mate preparation

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Here are five very easy steps on how to prepare your daily Yerba Mate:

1. Fill the half of your gourd with full with yerba mate.

2. Before putting the straw in, pour hot water onto the bottom half of the drink. 140–158ºF (60–70ºC)

3. Take a moment so that Yerba Mate leaves absorb the water.

4. Put the filtered end of the mate straw into the tea, at an angle.

5. The last step is to pour hot, not boiling, water into the yerba mate tea and take a sip!

Yerba Mate facts: If someone offers you his/hers Yerba Mate, always take the chance even for a sip! You'll never know what a new conversation can bring, new friendship, new knowledge or a new beginning. Either way, Yerba Mate can only bring you positive vibes and energy!

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