How to prepare a good Yerba Mate? Step by step explained:

Hanna Kliushneva

Before the first use of almost any type of Yerba Mate gourd except for the glass, ceramic and silicone, they need to be cured and undergo a special treatment. First, fill the gourd with loose leaf Yerba Mate and hot water (not boiling) and leave it like that for one day at least for 24 hours. This way you'll help your gourd to infuse the natural taste of the Yerba Mate.

Yerba Mate preparation

                                                                           photo by: Silvina Álvarez

Now let's discuss on how to prepare a traditional Yerba Mate, step by step:

1. Fill the Yerba Mate gourd with loose leaf Yerba Mate till the half

2. Then, cover the opening of the Yerba Mate gourd with your hand and shake very good. This way the powder of the Yerba Mate will be placed at the top of the gourd, so you will prevent from clogging your Bombilla later.

3. Fill the gourd with a bit of warm water (40°C - 1/4)   and let it sit and soak for approximately 2 minutes This will prevent burning your Yerba Mate infusion, later with hot water.

Yerba Mate preparation steps

                                                                   photo by: Javier Samudio

4. Then add a little bit of hot water (70°-80°C - 1/2) in the Yerba Mate gourd, until half of the gourd.

5. Last but not least, enter the Bombilla into your Yerba Mate gourd until it hits the bottom. 

6. The last step before having an extraordinary prepared Yerba Mate is to add the hot water (70°-80° C - 3/4) so that you'll fill the whole gourd to the top.

*Once the Bombilla is added to the Yerba Mate gourd, it shouldn't be replaced! Otherwise, it will be clogged! 

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