How to make Tereré? Here are few easy steps:

Hanna Kliushneva

Tereré is the cold version of brewed Yerba Mate, and it's the perfect beverage during the summer hot days! It is the national drink of Paraguay but consumed worldwide (nowadays). This beverage is made with loose-leaf Yerba Mate but instead of pouring warm water, it is prepared with cold water or sometimes juice. 

We're sharing with you quick steps in order to make this refreshing and healthy infusion during the summer days!


                                                            photo by Fernando Fleitas

For the ingredients, you will need:

1. Loose-leaf Yerba Mate rich with stems (Paraguayan Yerba Mate if possible)
2. Coldwater or juice (Orange juice is most suitable, or lemonade too)
3. Sweetener: Sugar (optional)
4. Extra items: fresh herbs (yuyo), mint, lemon, lemongrass, etc.

From the equipment you will need: 

1. Yerba Mate gourd - guampa (gourd made from horn) 
*You can use any cup or gourd, but we highly recommend you to go with the traditional guampa*
2. Yerba Mate bombilla 

How to make Terere

                                                     photo by Elioth Leguizamon

How to prepare: 

1. Fill the Yerba Mate guampa (or another cup/gourd) 1/2 full with loose-leaf Yerba Mate
2. Infuse the Yerba Mate - this is an optional step where you can add some warm water, enough to cover the Yerba Mate, and then leave for a few minutes. This step will give you a stronger taste of the Yerba Mate.
3. Add ice cubes on the top of the Yerba and then spice up the taste with herbs or fruit as desired
4. Pour some cold water or iced juice, wipe, and enjoy!

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