How to choose the right Bombilla for your Yerba Mate Gourd? Follow these tips:

Stephan Blazevski

Yerba Mate is one of a kind beverage for many reasons and one of them is the unique drinking straw called Bombilla! 

Yerba Mate Bombilla - photo source 500px -image by: Kevin Axel Nuñez                                                                              photo by: Kevin Axel Nuñez 

Yerba Mate Bombillas are available in different shapes and made with many different materials. Today we're going to point out some main things to look out for wile choosing a Bombilla for your Yerba Mate!

3 main things important to be noticed while choosing a Bombilla:

1. It's length
2. It's material
3. It's use and way of caring

1. What is the perfect size of a Yerba Mate Bombilla?

Every Bombilla should fit the gourd, especially a Calabash one. There's a rule of thumb, so if you put the Bombilla in your gourd, it should stand half outside.

2. What is the perfect material for Yerba Mate Bombilla?

Yerba Mate Bombillas can be found made with many different materials including: gold, silver, nickel silver, bamboo and wood (traditionally made). 

Wooden and Bamboo Bombillas although traditionally made require more patience especially after their use. So if you don't have the time needed to pay attention to them we highly recommend you drinking using a golden or silver Bombilla.

3. How to properly use a Yerba Mate Bombilla and take care for?

There's a rule that says: once you've inserted the Bombilla in your Yerba Mate gourd, you shouldn't replace it, because it can be easily clogged! Yerba Mate tastes even better when drank from clean and properly cured Bombilla, no matter the material that is made from, a well-kept Bombilla can last for years (wooden and bamboo)! A metal Bombilla can be washed as a regular dish, but that's not the case with a Bamboo or Wooden Bombilla. If you're a frequent Yerba Mate consumer then we recommend doing a monthly simple cleaning: add your Bombilla in boiling water and leave it like that for about 30 minutes. Afterwards clean it carefully with a thin brush.

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