How much caffeine does Yerba Mate contains?

Are you asking yourself how much caffeine does Yerba Mate contains? Or if it can be consumed as a replacement for coffee or green tea? Then you're at the right place to finally find out!

How much caffeine does Yerba Mate contains

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Yerba Mate, the traditional South American beverage is consumed worldwide, and Yes there are many reasons why! One very important that we would like to highlight is Yerba Mate's caffeine component and it's level.

If you're already a Yerba Mate consumer you will know that after a freshly brewed Yerba cup, your energy sources are restocked. There are a few important reasons why we regain our energy back with this natural infusion but in this post, we're only going to discuss one of the worldwide mostly consumed components - caffeine!

Usually, the amount of caffeine in Yerba Mate varies between 20mg and 130mg mg caffeine per cup, but many factors can play a role in the Yerba's caffeine level. For an example, the way you brew it, or the type of Yerba Mate product you are using and also the amount you're adding, are some of the main factors that are affecting directly on the caffeine amount.

Yerba Mate brewed in a tea bags contains the lowest level of caffeine, while Yerba Mate brewed in the traditional way, in a gourd, contains the highest amount of caffeine. 

Interesting to mention is that Yerba Mate is considered with its balanced amount of caffeine, to enhance you with the main caffeine effects such as awakeness and boosting energy, but save you from the negative after-effects like alertness, anxiety, etc..

Despite the natural existence of caffeine in the Yerba Mate, there are also many more important components such as the stimulants theobromine and theophylline, which have a great impact on boosting and improving our mental and physical energy!

To wrap it up, if you are not a coffee lover but you desperately need something that will help with boosting your Monday energy and concentration, then we gladly suggest you trying this natural beverage - Yerba Mate! 

If you already decided to give this beverage a chance, then take a look at our Yerba Mate gourds and choose your favorite one!


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