History of Yerba Mate-Who had the privilege to try this beverage first !

                                                                               photo by: Юрий Смык

First consumption of Yerba mate was made by the Guaraní people, an indigenous group of South America. Then it's taste attracted more and more people to try and spread among their tribes, so this beverage started it's journey far away all across South America.

                                                                         photo by: Samuel Auguste

Yerba mate became so popular that there were competitions between Paraguayan and Argentinians harvesters. Both nations growth plantations of mate trees and rise their economy level but after the War of the Triple Alliance (1864–1870), Paraguay lost some of their territory including fields with mate plantations, so Argentina and Brazil became the most powerful producers of Yerba mate. But Brazilians were attracted by the production of coffee so Argentina took over the place as the main producer of mate infusion.

                                                                             photo by: Edwin Barrera

Today, the statistics say that Brazil is the largest producer with a percentage of 53, after them the Argentinians with 37% and Paraguay with 10%.

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