Here's why Yerba Mate outstands other beverages!

Stephan Blazevski

Yerba Mate is an infusion made out of the leaves of the tree Ilex paraguariensis which consumption is growing worldwide!

The Indigenous people had drunk Yerba Mate for centuries as a social beverage but also as an herbal with its medical benefits, beverage.

yerba mate                                                                                     photo by: Mykola Lunov 

It is mostly consumed in South American-Latin countries such as southern Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay! 

There are many reasons why this beverage it undertaking the world of herbal infusions, and one of them is because of its unique way of preparation. It undergoes different methods of preparation, depending on the origin region.

There are three primary ways for cultivation and harvest: 1. Extractive exploitation of the natural forest, 2. A mixed system, 3. Cultivated Yerba Mate plantations. 

Yerba Mate is also processed before we have it packed and ready for drinking! The steps are:  1. Blanching, 2. Drying, 3. Aging. Another thing important for this beverage is that its leaves are flash heated over an open flame.

A major thing why this beverage outstands others is because of its drying process, which is slow, often accompanied by wood smoke. This is causing a very different and unique flavor and aroma, which makes this beverage a must-try!

And last, something that highlights Yerba Mate is the presence of stems pieces that gave this infusion outstanding look, taste and aroma!


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