Here's how to save your Yerba Mate from the mold:

Stephan Blazevski

Drinking Yerba Mate is the process we all enjoy it, but after it's usage the gourd has to be cured!

Calabash Yerba Mate gourds

                                                                                       photo by: Юрий Смык

The main way to prevent the mold in your Calabash or Wooden Yerba Mate gourds is to allow them to be fully dried after curing or place them directly on the sun.

But that's not all because there are another few important ways of preventing and getting rid of the awful mold that can destroy your favorite Yerba Mate gourd!

  • As we already mentioned, mold hates the rays from the sun so the easiest way to remove the mold from your gourd will be to place the Yerba Mate gourd in direct sunlight for a few hours until it's fully dried!


  • We highly recommend that you never use any chemicals such as soap in order to clean your Yerba Mate gourd. Never. Instead, you should leave the warm water to do its job, and then gently scrape all the remaining debris. In the end, don't forget to place it on its side and allow it to be fully dried!

Curing Yerba Mate gourd

                                                                               photo by:  Maxi Benbassat

  • It's important to not over-use your Yerba Mate gourd, but instead to leave it for a few days to rest. This way the gourd will take care of itself and you will be able to use it for several years!

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