We introduce you with the types of gourds used worldwide. You just have to choose which one will be your favorite !

Stephan Blazevski

1.Calabash Yerba Mate gourd

                                                                                 photo by: Юрий Смык

Let's start with the most popular, the traditional Calabash gourd. It's made from a specific squash plant, called calabash. Interesting about them is that they are designed in different shapes because of the plant that they are made from. They are thin and you have to be careful with them because they can be easily cracked from a hot mate or if you accidentally drop them. These types of gourds need special care, so if you don't have time for that we recommend you the Brazilian Cuia Yerba mate gourd.

2.Brazilian Cuia Yerba Mate gourd

                                                                                         photo by: ecv05

The Brazilian Cuia mate gourds are made from the same plant, but from different part (from the top half) and that's why they're much thicker and also larger, more safe for you to use them, without too much care. This still doesn't mean that they shouldn't be cured, they can also grow mold.

3.Wooden Yerba Mate gourd

                                                                      photo by: Arturo Domínguez

Even more, thicker are the next type of gourds, the Wooden Yerba mate gourds. They are made from different types of wood, but the most common are carob and palo santo. They don't need to be cured as much as the previous types, and special thing about them is that they enhance the flavor of your mate infusion and also give it a nice smell.

Now let's go in the 21st century and see how gourds were upgraded through the years.

4.Ceramic Yerba Mate gourd

                                                                          photo by: Tsunami Andoh
Ceramic Yerba mate gourds, easy to use, don't need special curing and also prevents burning your hands from the fresh and hot mate that you've made.

5.Glass Yerba Mate gourd

                                                                                     photo by: A.H ART
Next ones are the Glass made gourds, they are never growing mold and are also easy to use. Interesting about them is that they are see through and you can see what your mate's ''doing'' while you drinking it.

                                                                              photo by: Yorchi HO

And let's end this post with the newest ones, Silicone made Yerba mate gourds. Easy to be used, cured and the mold is an unfamiliar thing for them because they are never growing one. It's happening an evolution from their looks, as the time passing by, so if you're always following the new trends, we recommend you this gourd for sure.

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