Glass gourds: Are they safe for use?

Stephan Blazevski

                                                                      photo by: @tonnysul
We all know that if you pour boiling water to glass bowl or cup, the chances of burning your hands are high. But in this 21st century, where everything went through a change, so do the glass material.
                                                               (glass gourd from our web-store)
We introduce you with the glass type of gourd, covered with leather in order to prevent the heat, and of course, to protect your hands from burning.
Ideal for beginners, super-easy to clean, odor-free properties as well as impressive acid and alkali resistance.
This handmade glass cup of calabash pumpkin shape is a practical, though multifunctional, alternative to the traditional natural mate gourd.

It assures pure savor of the infusion or drink, free of chemicals or oxidation. Although it does not boast a "memory" feature of an Argentinian Cimarron cup, it allows the use of sour liquids, hot and cold, fizzy. It does not retain or impart flavors, so no side-smells will ever disturb you while drinking your Yerba Mate. 

To sum up, we highlight the most important features of glass gourds: 
  • REASSURES the taste of all sorts of teas and herbal infusions
  • COMFORTS your hand with a gentle touch of leather
  • SPEAKS for a perfect possession for collection, décor, gift and most of all - everyday use.
  • IMPROVES the environment as a product of modern production technologies and organic farming
  • MAXIMIZES your drinking experience with a complimentary stainless steel bombilla straw

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