The unique Calabash gourds !

Stephan Blazevski

                                      photo by: Florin Covaciu

The one and only Calabash gourd, or also known as a bottle gourd, is a vine grown for its fruit and can be consumed as a vegetable if it's harvested young or can be used as a utensil if it's harvested mature.
They have a variety of shapes, and that's one of the main reasons why they are favorite crafts for the art creators!
First, we want to walk you through the curing part!
Calabash gourds need special care because of their structure, that can crack very easy or grow mold. With a proper way of cleaning, your gourd will be perfect for use, each day!
Before start using your Calabash gourd, you'll have to fill it up with hot water and a three-quarters loose-leaf Yerba. Then let it rest for a day. With each absorption of the water that you're going to notice, remember to pour up more hot water. After a whole day, you'll have to scratch the skin inside your gourd, carefully and then wash it and leave the gourd till it's fully dried. This process is very important so your Calabash gourd will be prepared for drinking from it.

                                                                                    photo by: D. Varga

Another important thing that we have to lead you through is how to prepare your Yerba in a gourd like this. First, put three-quarters loose-leaf Yerba for a stronger taste. Then close the opening with your hand and shake it carefully, so there won't be any leaf clogging your Bombilla. After this, make a hill from the Yerba leaves and on the other side pour some hot water (not boiling), and let it sit for no more than 2 minutes.
Calabash gourds are the most unique and natural crafts, so you'll not only enjoy in your lovely Yerba mate but also will hold this precious gourd in your hand!
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