Five ingredients you can combine with your Yerba Mate:

Many passionate Yerba Mate lovers are always precisely going with only loose leaf Yerba Mate and nothing extra added. But there is always a place to break the ''rules'' and be creative! 

yerba mate recipe                                                                                 photo by: Marcin Mościcki

We are sharing with you five ingredients that you can combine with your Yerba Mate and still have the perfect taste that this beverage gives:

1. The ingredients that go with almost everything: Lemon and Orange peels
This combination is a perfect choice for reducing the acidity of the Yerba Mate.

2. Another most known combination is a one with the herbs: Mountain herbs
Whether you choose mint leaves or another type of these herbs, they will for sure reach the taste of your Yerba giving it a refreshing and extra nutritional effect.

3. For the sweeteners lovers, we got also a combination: Honey or sugar
There's no such a thing as ''you can't add any sweetener to your Yerba''. Yes, its natural taste will lose a little bit, but at the end of the day it is up to you to follow your own taste, so adding honey or even a sugar would be a perfect way for you to reduce the natural bitterness that Yerba Mate usually has.

4. Yerba Mate + Milk = Perfect combination. Just add hot milk while preparing your Yerba Mate, instead of warm water, and there you go, a milky and delicious Yerba.

5. The last combination is for the caffeine lovers, yes, we're talking about Yerba Mate combined with a coffee! 

It is up to you and your taste to decide what you are going to combine with your Yerba Mate, but be creative as much as you can, even you can share with us one of your own Yerba combinations!

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