‘’Experiment with your Yerba Mate - French Press Yerba Mate Recipe’’

Stephan Blazevski


A French press or a coffee press is one more example of human’s creativity. It’s a coffee/tea brewing device, that will make your infusion even more satisfying so you can fully enjoy each sip.
We represent you a recipe that you can add to your cookbook and later share it with your friends and family! 
* French Press Yerba Mate Recipe*
For the ingredients you will need:
  1. Citrus/Lemon
  2. Ginger
  3. Mint leaves
  4. tbsp loose-leaf Yerba Mate
First, you put the Yerba Mate in the French press with a combination of ginger, citrus or mint, and then put approximately three tablespoons of cold water in the press, enough to wet the Yerba. This will make your mate less bitter and save the taste of your extra ingredients!

After this whole process, add hot water, but never boiling and then let it sit for five minutes. The recipe doesn’t end here, there’s no such a thing as being too creative, so you can add some extra ingredients such as sweetener or even ice if you’re up for making an ice mate!

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