Everything you should know about Yerba Mate Bombillas:

Stephan Blazevski

If you're a Yerba Mate lover you will for sure know that Yerba Mate gourd's best friend is Bombilla. They are a perfect combination for having a maximum pleasure from Yerba Mate and drink it on its traditional way, just like a real Gaucho does!

The Bombilla is pronounced bom-bee-shah, and it's known as the traditional Yerba Mate accessory despite the gourd. First, the Guarani people started using hollow stalks and twigs in order to drink the brewed Yerba Mate, but after a while, it evolved in straws usually made from metal. 

We're sharing with you a few types of bombillas and the benefits from each:

1. Straight bulbous spoon-filter alpaca bombilla

A spoon-filter bombilla is a perfect choice if you're a beginner or a serious herbal infusions lover. You get the perfect taste of the drink in the air of regality and luxury. This type of bombilla is considered as an ancient South-American tool, used to sip the Yerba Mate from a calabash gourds. The fine filter of the straw with more than 50 pine-sized holes pulls out only the liquid and leaves the dregs and dust behind, thereby maximizing the benefits of the herb. 

2. Double-filter steel coiled yerba-mate bombilla

The coil or spring bombilla resembles well the original natural bamboo-straw and, therefore, combines the art of the past and smart modern design. Made out of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, with slight openings around the entire coil enough to keep out the Yerba Mate stems, and super-thin spout on the other end allows you to look forward while drinking and thereby lose no eye-contact with the people around you!

3. Curved alpaca bombilla 18K gold-plated

This bombilla is made of nickel silver or alpaca alloy, which has an impressive silvery shine, easily restored after use with a quick but tender dry rag. With its high quality and corrosion-resistance, this bombilla is great at extracting the nutrients with the thin spoon-end pressurized extraction filter.

4. Straight flat tube-filter alpaca bombilla

Straight Yerba Mate bombillas are considered the most traditional and best way to honor this beverage ''drink while looking down into the herb''. It's a perfect combination of the original, natural bamboo straw and the new, modern bombilla, with a super-thin spout and horizontal slits as filters.


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