Everything you need to know about Yerba Mate - the one of a kind beverage

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The one of a kind beverage with its origins from South America, Yerba Mate, is the perfect replacement for the coffee beans, to boost your energy, and enhance you with its natural components.

There’s a whole history behind Yerba Mate. First it was consumed by the local Guarani people in Paraguay, produced from the Yerba Mate leaves from the Ilex paraguariensis plant, by drying them and combining with warm water.

But after dozens of colonisations, this beverage took its place to the top 10 most consumed beverages across the globe.

Yerba Mate - everything you need to know

                                          photo by: Marcelo Vigna

Yerba Mate taste can vary depending on many factors, including the producing processes, but overall it has a strong, grassy (vegetal), earthy and bitter taste.

This unique beverage has many benefits including its ability to gather people and help with creating new friendships and even relationships. How? With the famous “Circle of drinking Yerba Mate’’. Many people across South America are gathering, while sitting in the central parks or on the beaches and are making this so-called “ritual” where there’s one person called “Cebador” who’s brewing the Yerba Mate, tasting first and then passing to another, but at the end still refilling the gourd one more time until everyone gets the opportunity to try from the Cebador’s Yerba Mate.

Yerba Mate has its own utensils from which it is consumed: gourd & bombilla.

Traditionally the Yerba Mate gourd is made from actual gourds (Calabash gourds), or from wood, but nowadays you will see a wide range of Yerba Mate gourds, made from glass, silicone, ceramic, etc. Same with the bombillas, they can be found in different shapes or made with different materials.

Yerba Mate is considered a daily ingredient for a reason, it has many positive advantages, a unique taste, it’s drunk with special utensils, and most importantly it creates new friendships! 

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