Everything you need to know about Chimarrao - the Brazilian Yerba Mate!

Yerba Mate has become a cultural drink in South America because of its origins back there. In Brazil, it is known as a chimarrão, which means a ‘’cattle who returned to their wild origins’’. The Brazilian Yerba Mate is quite bitter compared to Argentinian. 

                                                                                  photo by: Martu Delli
Chimarrão is usually free of stems, it contains more powder than other blends and it has a very rich and intense green color because it’s packed right away after the harvest.
The true Brazilian Yerba Mate is always bitter! You can add some fruit as a sweetener, but it’s not acceptable to add sugar! 
If you’re planning to visit Southern Brazil, we suggest you some important tips:
  • You should never wipe the mouthpiece of the ‘’bomba’’
  • Follow the rules that everyone does if you find yourself in a Chimarrao circle
  • You should never touch or rearrange the bombilla

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