Drink your Yerba Mate like a pro with these tips!

Stephan Blazevski

South America's pure treasure, Yerba Mate, became a sweet obsession of countless people around the globe. Used as a morning drink or combined with a good lunch, this beverage is many peoples favorite.

 photo by: Leandro Henrich
If you're in love with Yerba Mate as much as we are, then you should definitely follow these few tips and tricks, and drink it like a pro:

First is important to always use the two special tools for Yerba Mate, gourd and bombilla. They both have ''why'' occasions.
The bombilla as you're probably familiar with is here to make sure you wouldn't have any touch with the stem or leaf, but only to enjoy in Yerba Mate fresh and grassy taste.
Speaking of taste, the gourd, especially if it's wooden or Calabash, improves the taste of the Yerba.
These two accessories are essentials for Yerba Mate and bring more uniqueness to this beverage.

                                  photo by: Leandro Henrich

The preparation of Yerba Mate is followed in a few steps that we previously discussed, and are important to be done in the right way so you can have that perfectly made fresh Yerba Mate. One important thing during the preparation and after is to Never replace the bombilla, once you've put it, so it won't be clogged by the stems that are coming with the Yerba Mate mixture.
If you're new to the Yerba Mate consumers community, then you should definitely give it a try. This beverage can help you make new friendships, especially if you'll have the opportunity to be part of the Yerba Mate Circle-Chimarrao
Read more about the preparation, culture, and Chimarrao-circle on our mate blog.

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