Drink Yerba Mate like a local! Here’s how:

Stephan Blazevski

Yer-bah mah-tay the South American historical beverage, is now in the group of most consumed worldwide drinks, and there’s a reason why! 

yerba mate

                                                                         photo by: Juan Bautista Pilotto

It has a long history behind itself, first used by the indigenous people of southern Brazil, later spread through Argentina and Paraguay. Yerba Mate went from a generation to a generation and deserved the place that today has sipped by thousands of people, across the globe!

We’re sharing with you some tips that are very important if your next trip destination is Argentina:

In Argentina, don’t be surprised if you see people walking on the streets carrying their ‘’termo’’, especially if you are walking down the ‘’Avenida’’ in Buenos Aires! You’ll even notice hot water stations used as a refilling source for the thermos!

When in Argentina, if some local offers you their gourd filled with Yerba Mate, don’t think twice, just drink it till the last sip! It’s a way of respect and getting to know each other, too. You don’t have to rush drinking it, take your time to fully enjoy in a well traditional prepared Yerba Mate accompanied with a good conversation, and even learning new things about another culture! It would also be very polite and nice from you if you finish your last sip (in case you don’t want more) with a ‘’gracias’’ - thank you!

What’s very special in Argentina, are the circles of drinking where there’s one ‘’leader’’ who makes the Yerba, known as ‘’cebador’’! He’s the one who takes the first sip, refills the gourd and passes to another person, and then refills once again for someone else, too!

To sum up, Yerba Mate is a traditional beverage that speaks for itself, and only by taking a sip with a local you can really find out how it feels to drink this infusion that costs a whole history!

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