Drink your Yerba Mate even in the hot summer days:

Stephan Blazevski

You're already familiar with the traditional hot version of Yerba Mate, but have you heard that it also has a cold version? It's called Tereré!

What is Tereré?

It's a combination out of Yerba Mate, Ice, and Water! Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil are consuming Tereré, especially during the hot summer days. 

Here are some interesting facts about this cold, refreshing beverage:

  • 40% of the Argentinians drink Tereré 
  • Half of the Argentinians between 18 and 34 are drinking Tereré 
  • Orange juice powder is considered as the best flavoring for Tereré 

Want to know how to prepare this refreshing infusion? Here are the steps:

First, you prepare your Yerba Mate by putting it a container and shaking it a little, after that you prepare the orange juice powder with water and a lot of ice. Then, you mix the juice in your Yerba Mate container with your already prepared Yerba Mate and for the final touch, add your bombilla. Enjoy!

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