Drink Yerba Mate and still take your daily dose of caffeine:

Yerba Mate is made from the leaves of Ilex paraguariensis plant, taking directly the natural elements that this plant has in itself!

yerba mate

                                                                              photo by: Leandro Henrich

One of those natural elements is the caffeine! Worldwide most known and used natural element is part from this one in a kind beverage - Yerba Mate!

Yerba Mate is considered to contain 80 mg caffeine per one cup, which is a balanced amount that will still bring you the benefits but save you from the crash effects that sometimes coffee brings!

Caffeine is a stimulant to our central nervous system. When it reaches to our brain, the caffeine improves our concentration and energy by making us feel more active and less tired.

Yerba Mate tea bags contain a small amount of caffeine, while Yerba Mate brewed in a traditional way in a gourd has a larger caffeine amount.

Many people that tried both Yerba Mate and coffee, are saying that there’s a difference in the side effects between these two beverages. After having a Yerba Mate the jittery effects that they usually got after a cup of coffee, were finally gone!

Yerba Mate caffeine even got a special name - matteine, and that’s because it really outstands with the balanced amount of this ‘’must have nowadays’’ element.

As a conclusion, we can gladly say that Yerba Mate besides many other natural and healthy elements, contains for many of us, the most important one - caffeine in amount that is enough to awake our mind whenever there’s a need, and still feel comfortable and calm! 

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