Drink it like a real Gaucho! 5 tips!

Stephan Blazevski

The folk heroes of the Pampas are truly connected with the Yerba Mate history in many ways!

                                                                                        photo by: Diego Meier

The Gauchos were people who were considered as lords of their land because everywhere where land needed to be farmed, there was a Gaucho. They were passionate horse riders and Yerba Mate lovers!

We share with you 5 tips on how to prepare and drink your Yerba Mate as a real Gaucho would:
  1. First, you fill your gourd with a Yerba Mate (about halfway). Then it’s the shaking process - put your hand over the top and turn it upside down 

  2. Second, here comes the fun part: you have to be precise with turning your Yerba Mate gourd on one side so that all mixture comes on one side in order to put your bombilla to the empty side

  3. Then you start heating the water (without boiling it) and add it to the empty side of your gourd until it reaches all of the Yerba herbs

  4. Drinking time! Drink yours just made Yerba Mate through the bombilla.

  5. Once you’re finished with drinking it, you shall pass it to the person next to you (at least that’s what a real Gaucho would)
Enjoy this ritual and feel like a Gaucho!

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