Different Yerba Mate blends carries different elements:

You are a big Yerba Mate lover? Then you’re the right person to know the different blends that Yerba Mate has:

                                  photo by: Lydian Brunsting
  1. Yerba mate elaborada con palo
    This is a blend that it’s mostly used in South America, and it contains every Yerba Mate fragment and element (‘’palo’’ means ‘’stem’’) We suggest this type to beginners too because it is softer than the others.

  1. Yerba mate despalada
    This is a blend that contains no stem and it’s mostly produced in Brazil and Uruguay. It contains only a small Yerba Mate leaves, and it’s bitter than any other Yerba Mate blend, so we definitely suggest this type for the experienced one ‘’materos’’.
  1. Yerba mate compuesta
    This is a mixed-up type of Yerba Mate blend because it contains other herbs too (mint, lemon, dried fruit etc.). This is a perfect blend for the Yreba Mate lovers who don’t stand the bitterness of this infusion.

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