Choose the right thermos for your Yerba mate with these tips!

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Yerba mate has two best friends: the gourd and the thermos. They function together as a package and are inseparable. 

Its ability to keep your mate water warm with a temperature of about 80 
°C, so you can drink it whenever you want, and still have a sip from a perfect Yerba mate infusion.
Also, it's a fact that the hot water extracts faster than the cold water, so it won't take much longer to extract the nutrients, antioxidants, and compounds from your mate.
That's why you need something to keep your mate water warm so that every new gourd of this beverage tastes perfect.

photo by: Luzmi Ortiz 

We want to share with you some tips, on how to choose a perfect thermos for your mate.
Today, there are various types of stainless steel thermos bottles, but not many of them are with good quality. 
First, if you're new Yerba mate consumer we highly recommend you to start with a 1-liter thermos, so you can retain your mate hot enough for drinking it a few hours. But, if you're a traveler or a passionate Yerba mate consumer, then you will need a larger thermos bottle, 2-3 liters, the one who can keep your mate perfectly warm for about 24 hours. 
Always choose your thermos depending on your daily needs for Yerba mate, with a good quality inside and outside. 
Once you got it, you'll realize it's importance. It'll make you easier and save your time, so you can have a fresh and quickly extracted with all natural components, Yerba mate.

We highly recommend you our 7pcs Mate kit which is in black and brown color, with a thermos bottle that is made from metal, with a double wall and silvered surface of the inside bulb that ultimately disinfect the liquid.

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