Caffeine in Yerba Mate

Stephan Blazevski

Yerba Mate is considered to be one of the most consumed beverages in the 21st century.

Yerba Mate caffeine level                                                                                             photo by: Shaiith 1

Why this infusion earned its place in the top most consumed beverages across the globe? Its unique taste, aroma, and health benefits maybe some of the reasons why.

Today we're going to discuss the caffeine in Yerba Mate.

Maybe you have already heard or experienced by yourself that the Yerba Mate contains almost as much caffeine as the coffee has without the jittery feeling but with the feel-good chemicals of the coffee and a warm cup of tea.

With this being said at 85 mg of caffeine per cup, Yerba Mate contains less caffeine than coffee but more than a cup of tea.

Did you know about these surprising benefits from consuming caffeine?

The caffeine can help with improving our energy very needed, especially on Mondays! It can also help you improve your physical performance so that you can get through the whole gym training.

Despite the caffeine, Yerba Mate contain seven out of nine essential amino acids, and many beneficial plant nutrients.

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