Caffeine importance and existence in YERBA MATE!

Stephan Blazevski

                                                                        photo by: Kamil Górawski

Yerba mate contains three natural stimulants known as xanthines: caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline.

We would like to highlight the caffeine. Asking why?  Because caffeine became one of the most worldwide used psychoactive drugs. whether it's a food or drink, this component is everywhere, waiting for us, every time in need of more energy and concentration.

                                                              photo by: @df.fotografiauruguay

The main importance of caffeine and its ability to energize and awake our mind is because it's a central nervous stimulant. It can reduce our fatigue and tiredness, improve our memory and wakefulness. Caffeine can prevent our amount of sleeping and help us be more active with the daily tasks. It can improve our physical abilities, muscular state, and power. 

                                                                             photo by: Ricardo-Alves

Yerba mate is a pure source of caffeine. It isn't acidic like the coffee because it only contains natural elements. The levels of caffeine in Yerba mate can vary, depending on quality and time of brewing, but mostly Yerba mate contains 8 fl. oz cup


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