Argentinians Official Yerba Mate day!

Stephan Blazevski

                                                                            photo by:
 Felix Pedrosa
Have you ever been to Argentina and saw countless people drinking their Yerba Mate on the streets? Well, that is a very usual thing for Argentinians because this beverage means a lot to them, it's in their culture and history!
According to Argentina's government ratification, 30th November is an official celebration day for Yerba Mate, actually, it's own day.   

  photo by: Sergio Moya
Are you wondering why this specific date was the chosen one? It's because that was the day when Andrés Guazurarí y Artigas was born (1778). This man had a huge impact in Argentina's history, with it's Guarani roots, he was a proud governor of the province of Missiones (1811-1821). He took an important role during the Independence war, where he attempted to free Paraguay. Many acts of bravery, made this man deserved to be celebrated, and to be connected with an essential that comes from his roots, Yerba Mate, is the best way of honor.

                                    photo by: Metravel photogallery 
On 30th November in Argentina, you can see many festivals in the name of Yerba Mate, celebrated with anyone who wants to come, no matter which culture or nation it is, this day purpose is to gather all and spread love and positive vibes, through this magic infusion.

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