Argentina's national drink: Yerba Mate!

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Yerba Mate-Chimarrao is not only one of many types of tea, but it's n Argentinians national drink!
Argentina is one of the world's largest tea producers, but the highlight production is the Yerba Mate's.
The regions such as Misiones and Corrientes are the largest tea production areas, because of their very compatible hot temperatures and flat landscapes.
Best period for Yerba Mate growth is starting from November and lasts till the end of May.
Today Yerba Mate become Argentinians daily drink, a replacement for a morning coffee, or tea for a good night. Yearly they consume approximately 5kg per person. They have even set some rules for their national drink, so once you've put the bombilla in your gourd you should never replace it, and you shouldn't wipe the bombilla while sharing it with your friends or during the Chimarrao Circle.

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Argentinians even upgraded the style of Yerba Mate, ''mate cocido'' is a less bitter Yerba Mate brewed in a tea bag served with some sweeteners such as sugar or milk. Another way of Yerba Mate preparation that they invented is a mate combined with hot milk and orange peels, '' mate de leche con cascarita de Naranja''.

                                                                                             photo by: JDD
Chimarrao circle, which we discussed before, is a daily routine that you can see while walking on the streets of Argentina. A group of 5-6 people gathered, are sharing one gourd and the same bombilla, but only one of them is charged for refilling it. You'll notice a people caring their leather bags with thermos, gourd, bombilla and other supplies for preparing Yerba Mate whenever they want.
To sum up:
You should definitely visit Argentina, especially if you're committed fan of a Yerba Mate because you'll find out its origins and a whole history behind this one and only beverage.

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