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Stephan Blazevski

Bombillas are one of the most important aspects when drinking Yerba Mate. These utensils are determining the act and way of drinking Yerba Mate.

In this blog post we're going to answer many questions to these one of a kind straws - Bombillas!

                                                                                 photo by: Lunov Николай

What is a Bombilla and what does it mean?

Bombillas are tools used to drink Yerba Mate. They have a very unique and specific design which purpose is preventing drinking the Yerba Mate leaves and stems, but only the earthsy Yerba infusion.

First, this utensil was made from a bamboo canes, by the Guarani people. To make the Bombilla they would choose a thin rode of approximately 5mm diameter, then cut it from under the can'es knot to around 20cm long. The know itself was perforated multiple times, allowing the water to go through.

Bombilla - its parts 

Every Bombilaa has three main components: the beak or boquilla, the neck, and the filter.

Beak or boquilla
The beak or boquilla (that means ‘small mouth’) of the Bombilla is the part where the consumers puts their lips to drink Yerba Mate.

Cuello (the neck)
The neck (or cuello in Spanish) of the Bombilla is the cylinder-part between the beak and the filter.

Filtro or Paletilla
The bottom of the Bombilla can be found by a variety of names, such as coconut, drainer, small paddle, filter or separator, etc.. Its purpose is to prevent Yerba Mate stems and leaves from entering the consumers mouth.

Bombilla - important things to consider when buying

Main points to consider when buying a Bombilla are: the material and the shape

Regarding the shape, this will depend entirely on the type of Yerba Mate you want to drink. For example, Chimarraos have a distinct Bombilla.

Regarding the material we're recommending silver, stainless steel and alpaca Bombillas because they are are resistant, durable and they don't transfer as much heat as the other type of materials.



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