Advantages of Yerba Mate over Coffee!

Yerba Mate and Coffee are both caffeinated infusions. In Argentina, Yerba Mate has outshined the consumption of Coffee, year by year. Yerba Mate with its caffeine amount of 85mg brings you the caffeine effects (boosting your energy and concentration) but saves you from nervousness, irritability, and muscle tremor that caffeine from drank coffee usually causes.

                                                             photo by: krawczyk.digitalphotography

Here we highlight the most important advantages of Yerba Mate over Coffee:

  • Both beverages have approximately the same amount of caffeine, but the after-effects are a bit different. The coffee has stronger effects than Yerba Mate very often causing alertness, nervousness that can lead to anxiety. Yerba Mate creates a smoother feeling, mentally and physically, and still bosts your energy and concentration. 

  • The caffeine in Yerba Mate is easier for our body to be metabolized because it's more reduced than in the Coffee.

  • Yerba Mate, because it's a plant itself, provides many nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins (A, C, B Complex..) more than 10 types of amino acids, magnesium, iron etc. 

  • Yerba Mate is considered as a friendly drink because of the ''Chimarrao circle'', where you can share and gain new friendships and knowledge!


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