Advantages of being a Yerba Mate consumer:

Stephan Blazevski

The South-American beverage, Yerba Mate is a traditional drink that is becoming worldwide most consumed infusion!

yerba mate

                                                           photo by: Fernando Manchini de Souza

We're sharing with you what are its good benefits:

Yerba Mate is rich with nutrients and antioxidants

There are many natural components that this infusion contains, not added but originated from its plant such as caffeine and theobromine; caffeoyl derivatives; saponins with their anti-inflammatory effects; polyphenols, and many more...

Yerba Mate is a great energy and mood booster

Yerba Mate contains enough caffeine (85mg) enough to boost your energy, but save you from the known effects that usually you get, after a cup of coffee. 

Yerba Mate is a cocktail of vitamins

Yerba Mate leaves contains a good amount of different vitamins, crucial for our immune system. Vitamin A, C, and B Complex are one of them, there are many more on the list...

 Yerba Mate can improve your physical state

Yerba Mate with its natural caffeine element can improve your muscles function, reduce the fatigue and improve your sports skills.

To sum up, Yerba Mate is a unique beverage with its taste, look and most of all benefits/effects. If you still didn't try it we highly recommend you to!


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