6 Types of Yerba Mate lovers favorite accessory ''Bombilla'' !

                                                                          photo by: Daniel Waksman 
There are 6 most common known Yerba mate bombillas. Let's talk discuss them:

1.Bamboo Yerba Mate Bombilla
This is the oldest one, used by the native tribes. It can't strain all of your mate drink and can clog very easily. But the bright side is that there aren't any possibilities for you to burn your mouth, because bamboo doesn't heat up.                                    

2. Coil Yerba Mate Bombilla 
Most commonly used are coil bombillas. They are simple for use because of their small openings around the coil. Interesting about them is that nowadays they contain a mesh filter inside, so you can fully enjoy in the Yerba mate taste.

3.Ball Yerba Mate Bombilla
You can find these ones with wholes all around the ball, or just on the bottom. They are preferred for big gourds.

                                                           (silver plated pick yerba mate bombilla)

4. Pick Yerba Mate Bombilla
Contains very small horizontal openings on each side, that helps for complete filtration. It has a thin and curved end, so you can dig under the leaves in your infusion and enjoy in its taste.

                                            (straight bulbous spoon-filter alpaca bombilla)

5. Spoon Yerba Mate Bombilla

Similar to the pick bombillas, but with a shaped bottom like a spoon, with perforations on the top, that prevents you from drinking any Yerba particles.

                                           (double-filter steel coiled yerba mate bombilla)

6. Spring Yerba Mate Bombilla
We save the best of the rest for a last. This one is a coil bombilla with a removable bottom part, so you can clean your Yerba mate beverage very easy.

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