4 steps for clean Yerba Mate gourd!

Stephan Blazevski

We all enjoy drinking our precious Yerba Mate, and that’s the easy part. But there is always a tough one too, and here comes when it’s time to clean the gourd. That’s why we came out with a quick and very easy solution, that will only take you a few minutes!
yerba mate gourd                                                                                photo by: Raul Vargas
First thing first is to always start cleaning your Yera Mate gourd with scrubbing it, and for this purpose, you can use a spoon.
Then comes the fun part, showering our gourd! Make it a comfortable temperature of the water (hot but never boiling) and gently rinse it. (this will help to fell off all the leftovers from your Yerba Mate)
Last but not least, use a paper towel so you can soak all the water left inside the gourd. Gently pressing with the towel on each angle and bottom inside the gourd.
The end of this cleaning process is finishing with just leaving your gourd in a coll area to fully dry on itself so that you prevent from growing mold in it.
Important to remember: never use detergents, dishwashers or soaps, because you’ll only damage your gourd.
To sum up: Cleaning your gourd properly is very important in order to extend its time of usage, and also to prevent from growing mold.

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