4 main types of Yerba Mate

Hanna Kasho

Types of Yerba Mate (photo by: Mitch Altman - Flickrs)

                                                                                      photo by: Mitch Altman

Yerba Mate, consumed for centuries is one of kind beverage with its main origin from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Each of its country origins has its own distinct type/blend of Yerba Mate that we're going to look through in this article.

1. Argentinian Yerba Mate

As the global second-largest producer of Yerba Mate, the Argentinian type of Yerba Mate is considered as the best one because it contains each part of the plant including leaves, stems, and the powder. The taste varies, it can be stronger or lighter.

2. Paraguayan Yerba Mate

This type of Yerba contains a good amount of powder, and medium-cut leaves (small to medium). Its taste can be from sweet to bitter or even sour. This type of Yerba Mate outstands other others because of its way of preparation, instead of using hot water,  Paraguayan Yerba Mate prepares with cold water, also known as Tereré.

3. Uruguayan Yerba Mate

This type of Yerba Mate contains mostly powder and a small Yerba Mate leaves, easily leading the bombilla to clog. Its taste is quite strong and creamy because of the powdery consistency. 

4. Brazilian Yerba Mate
Brazil is the largest producer of Yerba Mate, or there known as chimarrão. Brazilian Yerba Mate looks almost like matcha green tea, with strong green color by not aging it. It has a creamy consistency with a light and refreshing, grassy taste.



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