Easiest steps to prepare the perfect Yerba Mate you need at this moment:

Yerba Mate is one of the most unique beverages, with its production, preparation, taste, look, and aroma. It has many beneficial effects that make it worth consuming at every occasion.

There are very simple tools for drinking Yerba Mate: a hollow gourd, a metal bombilla, and a thermos.

People throughout Argentina, are often seen carrying with them their mate and “termo” The city has even made numerous hot water filling stations, in order to refill the termo. 

If you are up to make a traditional Yerba Mate with a special topping this are the steps to do it:

                                                                                    photo by: Luis Casaccia

1. First, put the Yerba Mate in the gourd (we prefer wooden gourd) and give it a good shake until it almost reaches the top.

2. Pour hot water (140–158ºF/60–70ºC) onto the bottom half of the Yerba Mate infusion.

3. Leave it for a while so the leaves can absorb the water.

4. Put the bombilla with the filtered end into the Yerba Mate, at an angle.

5. In the end, pour a hot but not boiling water into the infusion and have a drink!

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